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A New kind of back to school shopping

I would have laughed if someone told that by next year at this time, this would be my life.

Instead of back to school shopping for clothes this year, I went back to school shopping for furniture! Major mom guilt hit when we made the HUGE decision to keep our pre Schooler and 1st grader home this year to do virtual learning. As a result of the mom guilt, I decided to make my children’s school area someplace they would love! Since the area is literally where you walk in from the mud room, I wanted it to still have a modern look while being kid friendly. (We all know what happens in any area specifically designated for children and we don’t want anyone seeing any of that!) Amazon and Target had everything I was looking for.... who knew! My mom took the kids for a sleepover and my aunt and I busted ass to get their new school area done before they got home! I was thrilled with how it came out; it was exactly what I had pictures! I even had some time to paint the letters for the wall and make their pencil holders! When the kids came home they LOVED it, my daughter just kept telling me how beautiful it was and my son couldn’t stop smiling! (Although you wouldn’t know it from the picture)

As much as the mom guilt is still there, it made me so happy to give my babies a learning environment that makes school at home a little easier and happier for us all.

Links to all of my fun new stuff below!

IRONCK Computer Desk, 47" Office

B. spaces by Battat – Kids

Sorbus Dresser with Drawers - (Beige)

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