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Teething Twins

Teething babies are no fun. Teething twins, I was not prepared for this! The chewing and the crying and drooling, oh my! I still have teethers from my other two, along with some cool new ones! Here's my findings so far that the girls seem to enjoy!

1. The Mushroom from Mombella

So soft and flexible, AND it doubles as a binky and a teether!


2. Teethe-eez

Classic, used this for all 4!


3. Mini Cooler

Definitely one of my favorite freezer teethers because it has the plastic handle for my babies to hold! The ones that are full ice are great, but so cold for those tiny hands!


4. Comotomo Silicone Teether

Everyone loves this teether, including my kitten who is always trying to steal it from the girls! It's so soft, and the ring fits on their wrists making it easy for them to hold! Also ~ super soft!!


5. Teething Mittens

Once the girls learned how to control these babies ~ they were in heaven! Perfect for the babies who always have their hands in their mouth! The other teethers are great for them to hold, but for now, the orange is the only safe one because the other 2 go to far in their mouths.


I hope my top 5 teethers bring your babies some relief! And if you've had any great experience with teethers, I'd love to know and give it a try! I already have more in mind, I'll let you know how we do!

Until then, happy teething! And good luck mamas!

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